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Continuing Education/Professional Development

Take advantage of these continuing education opportunities!


AER Knowledge Center - The AER Knowledge Center offers recordings of AER's past conferences and special webinars. Log in and create an account and purchase sessions by the package (limited-time offers) or by the hour. To obtain CE credits, simply watch the webinars in their entirety and contact AER for a copy of your transcripts. 

AER Mangold Distance Education Webinar Series - the new AER Professional Development programming offering updated and topical continuing education webinars, both live and recorded.

AER Member's-Only On-line Courses - Now available, on-line continuing education courses through AER's web site.

AER Member's Only Professional Development Webinar Series - now available online, these member only webinars feature topics such as writing abstracts, developing great conference presentations and much more!

Professional Preparation and Certification - View a complete listing of colleges and universities providing professional preparation in the field, and learn more about the certification programs conducted by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP).

AER LIFT- AER LIFT is an acronym for AER Leadership Initiatives Facilitate Teamwork which was established as a three day chapter and division leadership training program for AER elected officers to strengthen the association.

The training program was designed to stimulate and encourage more involvement of grassroots members thereby assisting the association in fulfilling its mission of providing support to AER members at the chapter and division levels. One of themes of AER LIFT was “As the chapters and divisions go, so goes AER.”

Private funds were raised for the first AER LIFT held in Indianapolis. Based on its success and demonstrated value to the association and chapter and division entities, the AER Board institutionalized the training program in the early 1990s by placing money in the budget for its continuation annually. At this time, due to financial challenges, the AER Board has not been able to host a face-to-face AER LIFT meeting, which has been held in various parts of the U.S.

AER LIFT's On-line has been initiated to offer the critically needed leadership training for chapter and division leaders. AER LIFT On-line is not intended to replace the three day face-to-face training opportunities, but rather to supplement it.

Each of the webinars in the series will be recorded and will be available through the AER website so that they may be viewed asynchronously

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