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White Cane Day

Every October 15, people across the country celebrate awareness about the white cane.  You hear all kinds of different names for it, but it represents something special to people who are blind or visually impaired.  That is freedom.  Freedom can come in many forms including traveling independently, or being able to be identified by drivers easier, or ability to navigate and explore environments without sighted help.  Lyndon B. Johnson signed the first White Cane Safety Day proclamation in 1964.   President Barack Obama also named October 15 Blind Americans Equality Day in 2011.   Whatever the name, October 15 is very special in many ways.  It is a way to celebrate accomplishments for many and bring awareness to society as a whole on the White Cane and what it represents.  Everyone is encouraged to do something special on this day.  Some examples such as marches at the capital, meet at a restaurant/bar and celebrate the day, show a local business owner who is blind or visually impaired support, or something as simple as educating a sighted person about the White Cane and what it symbolizes.  Some say that their cane is like a pair of pants, they would never leave home without it, others do not want to carry a cane due to the vulnerability and stigma they feel it brings.  It is important for all people who are blind or visually impaired to feel proud of the cane as a symbol of independence instead of something to be ashamed of and hide. October 15 is the chance to help in this and bring pride to this symbol.


Did you know CAER has its own Face Book page? If you are on FB you might just be getting an invite to join the group. No one seems to post very often but with more members that might change. Michelle Robinson posts equipment that can be given away and submitted a video of Pat Lewis earning the Lifetime Achievement Award from CAER.


We have been approved for ACVREP accreditation!  Good news, we will be able to offer our workshops and trainings with credit attached.  Fees will vary per training, but CAER members will be getting a discount.

REMINDER:  Any function you attend, your name will be placed into the annual drawing for paid membership dues for the year.