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CAER Offers Financial Assistance to Colorado Clients, Students, Families, and Professionals Through Mini-Grants.

Mini-Grant funds are available to defray the costs of:

  • Conference Attendance
  • Student Activities
  • Programming Needs
  • Professional development projects
  • Other ideas are welcome

Mini-grant Rules:

  1. Applicant must be a current CAER member or be sponsored by an CAER member.
  2. The maximum amount of funds available will vary; the allotted amount per grant will not exceed $300.
  3. Recipients are only eligible to receive a mini-grant once every two years.
  4. Recipients need to provide CAER with a presentation of how the mini-grant money was used within 30 days of use of funds. This will be shared with members at the annual CAER banquet.
  5. Board members applying for a mini-grant will recuse themselves from voting in that mini-grant cycle.
  6. Mini-grant applications are accepted throughout the year, but due by November 1st. The grants are awarded once per year in November.
  7. If funds are not used for the intended purpose, the mini-grant funds need to be returned to the CAER board by the recipient.

Funding decisions are made by your elected CAER Board of Directors and must be approved by a 2/3rds of voting members.


Mini-Grant Application Form






AER membership #:

Recommending AER Member name:

  1. For what purpose are you applying for a mini-grant?  (Attach page, as necessary
  2. How much financial assistance are you requesting?  (Max $300)
  3. List/itemize your expenses:
  4. Have you contacted other sources for assistance?  If so, please list the name(s) of the organizations, the amount requested and the amount pledged.
  5. If awarded a Mini Grant, you are required to submit a presentation (in some form) to the CAER board within 30 days of using the funds.

If funds are not used for the intended purpose or presentation isn’t submitted in a timely fashion, I agree to refund the funds to CAER

Signature of Applicant


Email completed application form to: [email protected]


Awards Criteria:
President’s Award: This award recognizes outstanding leadership in service to people with visual disabilities. The current board president will select and present this award.

Gary Schmidt AwardThis award honors an AER member who works directly with student/clients. Nomination criteria include: ethical standards, sense of humor, degree of excellence in job performance, and professionalism. The CAER Board and Janice Schmidt review the nominations.

Connections Award: This award recognizes cooperative efforts that cross organizational lines, perhaps even groups working collaboratively to benefit our field. The CAER Board considers the nominations.

Ken Neve Award: This year CAER is introducing a new way to recognize an AER professional in the area specific to orientation and mobility. The Ken Neve Award honors a man who was an amazing teacher, co-worker and role model in the world of O&M. Ken brought humor and warmth to all situations. He worked at the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for 29 years. Nomination criteria include a CAER member who is in the field as a practicing Orientation & Mobility Specialist; dedication to life-long learning; and a role model for others in the field.

Lifetime Achievement Award: This award is presented to professionals who have given of themselves to clients/students throughout their career and are preparing for retirement.

Congratulations Margaret Cleary!  Way to represent Colorado AER!

This year’s recipient of The Alfred Allen Award was Margaret Cleary.

The Alfred Allen Award was established to honor professionals who have spent their career in direct service to people with vision impairment. Alfred Allen served American Association of Workers for the Blind (AAWB) as Secretary General, Hadley School for the Blind as Director, and the American Foundation for the Blind as Assistant Director.

Margaret served the Carroll Center as Director of Admission preparing and counseling consumers to enter residential rehabilitation as well as instructing individuals with medical needs to perform independent health related skills.

A member of American Association of Workers for the Blind (AAWB) in 1961-4, she learned from pioneers such as Alfred Allen. She joined NE/AER in l 982. She has been a frequent AER conference presenter, as well as regional and international board member. In 2006, she sought funding and organized the MacFarland Adaptive Diabetes Seminar Program.

Margaret’s contributions to our-organization have been rewarded through: the NE/AER Thomas J. Carroll Exemplary Performance Award 2001; NE/AER Margaret E. Cleary Annual Scholarship Award 2008; AER Division 11 Bruce McKensie Lifetime Achievement Award 2006 and Paul VRT Publication Award 201 2; as well as the AER John H. McAulay Employment Contribution Award 2014.

Margaret currently lives in Colorado, becoming a member of Colorado AER. She practices as a consultant for Colorado DVR and teaches adaptive diabetes education.


Benefits of Membership

  • Professional Development & Support (Colorado members received reduced rates to CAER sponsored events!)
  • Financial support:  See Mini-grants and ACVREP reimbursements.
  • Advocacy at local and national levels

The funds are available to defray the costs of:

  1. Conference Attendance
  2. Student Activities
  3. Programming Needs
  4. Professional development projects
  5. Assistive Devices

Mini-grant Rules:

  • Applicant must be a current AER member or be sponsored by an AER member.
  • The maximum amount of funds available will vary; the allotted amount per grant will not exceed $300.
  • Recipients are only eligible to receive a mini-grant once every two years.
  • Recipients need to fulfill their obligation to provide CAER with their product of how the mini-grant money was used within 90 days of check issue.
  • Mini-grants are awarded every year in November.

To apply: Click here to navigate to the Downloads page to read the criteria, fill out the application, and submit it to CAER.

Send completed application as an attachment to the CAER email address:  [email protected] (If you don’t hear back from us within 1 month-please email your application again.

Reimbursement for initial ($100) and renewal ($50) certification through ACVREP may be available to Colorado members.  After receiving your initial and/or renewal, please submit a copy of the certification and letter requesting reimbursement to CAER at [email protected].  You must provide proof of AER membership.