IAER Conference: “2020 Vision: Your Dedication in Focus” Information

2020 IAER Schedule: The schedule can be viewed online at

Pay special attention to Thursday afternoon!

In a break from the traditional breakout session format, Thursday 2/13 will run two parallel tracks from which participants can choose.
Participants can attend EITHER Understanding the Consequences of CVI in Children to Guide the Development of Appropriate Educational Interventions Parts 1 and 2 led by Amanda Lueck, Deborah Chen & Elizabeth Hartmann OR attend O&M and rehabilitation focused sessions led by Bill Penrod, Polly Abbot, Reed Evans, and Molly Pasley.

We hope that this break from our traditional schedule is a welcomed change of pace.

*Please note, the schedule is subject to change

2020 IAER Descriptions: 
The descriptions can be viewed online at

Moderators Needed:
Ever wanted to be a part of the IAER conference and didn’t know where to start? Consider being a moderator!! Please visit this link to sign up. Only remaining sessions that still request a moderator will be listed.

*Please note, the date that was stated on your original voucher may have changed but is still valid to submit with your registration.
*Please send in your handouts by February 1st, 2020.

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Conference Handouts
16 With No Wheels PowerPoint | Word
Age Determ Guide Blocks Through Ages PDF
Age Determination Guidelines PDF
Caring for Infants and Toddlers PDF
CEC Intervener Standards 2015 PDF
How Interveners Differ From Other Typical Support Staff Word
Are Intervener Services Appropriate for Your Student With Deaf-Blindness? PDF
Intervener Language PowerPoint
Safety First! PowerPoint
Section 25.560 Approval of Interveners for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind PDF
Think Toy Safety PDF
Road to the Olympics: Weightlifting for the Visually Impaired Word
Blending Mainstream and Assistive Technology for Succesful Classroom Outcomes PowerPoint
Case study Word
Hines Blind Rehabilitation Handouts Word
Two Weaving Programs PDF
Pivotal Response Training PowerPoint
Re-Thinking Literacy PowerPoint
Torticollis PowerPoint
Access and Success Powerpoint PowerPoint
How to Create Websites PowerPoint
ISVI Fact or Fiction PowerPoint
ISVI TWO For the Price of One PowerPoint
Low Vision Lighting PowerPoint
Sports for LVB PowerPoint
Project Venture Word
What Our Former Students Wish They Knew (1) Word
What Our Former Students Wish They Knew (2) Word