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The New York State Chapter of AER (NYSAER) is a strong chapter with about 300 members.  NYSAER strives to promote the education and rehabilitation of individuals of all ages in New York State who are blind and visually impaired.  We strive to provide activities, service, and opportunities for the professional growth to its members and the individuals we serve.

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Download AER New York State governing documents for additional information:

  Click here to download the NYSAER Policy Manual

  Click here to download the NYSAER Constitution and Bylaws 


AER New York State Board of Directors:

President – Christopher Russell
First Vice President –  Jeannine Hobbes
Past President – Lynnette McElwain
Treasurer – Ron Ritter
Secretary – MaryAnn Oyer

Board of Directors, Members-at-Large:

Pamela Fallon
[email protected]

Lis Geoghegan
[email protected]

Debbie Silberberg
[email protected]

Anthony Candela
[email protected]

Nikki Llewelyn
[email protected]

Jonathan Hooper
[email protected]

Diane McMillan
[email protected]

Ryan McInerney
[email protected]

Jamie Wallace
[email protected]

Billie Dolan
[email protected]