Special Items


The Travis L. Harris Award was established by the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Association of Workers for the Blind (AAWB) in 1973. The award was named for an outstanding Oklahoman who diligently labored in behalf of the blind for over four decades.

Travis L. Harris Award Winners

Year                Recipient

 1973               Robert W. King, M.D.

1974               Thomas L. Acres, M.D.

1975¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Phyllis Thurston¬†(Tulsa¬†‚Äď Volunteer Reader)

1976               OK State Council of ESA

1977               Floyd Qualls

1978               Virgil K. Beardslee

1979               Donald E. Moseley

1980               V. R. Carter

1981               Durward C. McDaniel

1982               Gertrude Forde (Child Study Center)

1983               Virginia Woodward

1984               Clayton Morgan, Ph. D.

1985               Robert D. Gourley, M.D.

1986               Billie Carter

1987               Ernest Simpson

1988               Alvena Stevens

1989               Charles Simpson

1990               Francis and Marjorie Moske

1991               Dr. Lin Moore

1992               John Orr

1993               Norman Dalke

1994               John Simpson (Verla)

1996               Jerry Dunlap

1997               Donald Dean Lassman

1998               Jeanne Meyer

1999               Tommy Dale Robertson

2000               Mary Sue Oxtoby

2001               Marilyn Sanders

2002               Jerry Maynard

2005               Raythel Jones

2006               Barbara Staggs

2007               Judy Boston Pool Hansen

2010               Senator Earl Garrison

2010               Representative George Faught

2013               Commissioner Ray Kirk

2013               Carolyn Patocka

2014              Elsie M. Joy

2015              Jim Adams



 The Tom Hubbard Award was established by OAER in 1992. This Award was named in memory of a counselor who consistently maintained a high level of professionalism towards his clients and provided timely and appropriate assistance to help them attain their vocational goals.  In spite of Tom Hubbard’s life-threatening illness, he worked diligently until his death. 

Tommy Hubbard Award Winners

Year                Recipient

1992                Tommy Hubbard

1998                Elaine Boykin

1999                Robert Warren

2001                Judy Boston Hansen

2002                Carolyn Patocka

2009                Julie A. Brantley

2010                Sherry Holder

2011                Vicky Golightly

2014                Jane Thomas

2017                Charley Tipps