Past Discussions

Laura Lieb, Certified Nurse Practitioner at the University of Alabama Birmingham Department of Neurology, conducts research and cares for patients with Parkinson’s as the community coordinator for the American Parkinson’ Disease Association and the Parkinson Association of Alabama. Due to recording issues in April she graciously agreed to present again on Parkinson’s and vision impairment in July. Below is the recording of that presentation:


June 2019 Watercooler Discussion with Lee Huffman and the team at AccessWorld  on their February edition that focused on technology for seniors. The discussion begins about the 16 minute mark.

May 2019 Watercooler Discussion with on the A Matter of Balance program to help seniors address fall and fall prevention. We had a great discussion on resources and ideas, led by Chair Elect Melodye Maye and Christine Oakes is a Trainer/Educator III at the Delaware Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities and a certified A Matter of Balance coach as well. Please join us to learn how she conducts her classes as an individual with a visual impairment and what adaptations she makes for her participants with low vision.

Note the session begins at the 10-minute mark in the recording

March 2019 Watercooler Discussion with the NFB Krafters Korner on their community of crafters and courses on various forms of crafting available for people with vision loss or blindness and the staff who serve them. More information is also available at

February 2019 Watercooler Discussion with Be My Eyes Chief Operating Officer Alexander Jensen on the app that connects blind people to sighted volunteers for assistance. It also offers specialized help services through Microsoft and with plans to add more companies in the future:

January 2019 Watercooler Discussion with Amber Carroll sharing information on Covia Well Connected programs for seniors via the telephone and soon to be released video conferencing:

October 2018 Watercooler Discussion about the Community of Practice at OIB-TAC at Mississippi State University:

September 2018 Watercooler Discussion with Steve Kelly continues the discussion of Smart Speakers and how seniors can benefit from this technology:

June 2018 Watercooler Discussion with AccessWorld Editor Lee Huffman and authors from the February, 2018 JVIB issue on Low Vision: