Executive Committee

Contact information for Executive Committee 2020-2022:

Chair: Raychel Callary, [email protected]
Chair-Elect: Margaret Winn, [email protected]
Past-Chair: JoAnne Chalom, [email protected]
Secretary: Valery Kircher, [email protected]
Treasurer: Megann Brousard, [email protected]

AER O&M Executive Committee 2020-2022

Chair: JoAnne Chalom
Past Chair: Chris Tabb
Chair Elect: Raychel Callary
Secretary: Jennifer Duncan
Treasurer: Robert Alminana

AER O&M Division District Directors 2016-2018
AER O&M Division Committee Chairs 2016-2018
AER O&M District Directors 2018-2020


Minutes Subsection:

January 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes
August 30, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Policy and Procedures Manual:
O&M Policies and Procedures