Psychosocial Services Division (Division 4)

Welcome to the AER Psychosocial Services Division (Division 4)

The purpose of the Psychosocial Services Division is to enrich, strengthen, and unify professionals whose major focus is the provision of mental health counseling, social skills training and guidance, psychosocial and educational assessment, and related services to individuals with visual impairments.

We invite educational and rehabilitation professionals – psychologists, social workers, educational diagnosticians, and any others involved in teaching, counseling, assessing, and providing behavioral/learning interventions – to join our division. Our sharing of information and professional training provides opportunities for growth for our members, as well as for others who benefit from our workshops, in-service training, and conference presentations on such topics as vision loss and depression, family dynamics, adaptation of assessment instruments, rehabilitation issues, emotional and interpersonal issues, problem-solving strategies, the use of humor in the work place, caring for ourselves so we can better care for others, and any other timely issues.

We foster research and encourage the development of professional standards for our members and promote blindness as a specialty area within the professions of counseling, social work, psychology, educational assessment, and all related fields, through employment, affiliations with professional organizations, and contacts made on international, national, regional, state, and local levels. Through our division newsletters, listserv, website, and journal articles, we maintain contact with our members and foster and promote endeavors directed toward creating a better understanding of the abilities, emotional needs, and interests of adults and children with visual impairments.