Member Webinar: Supporting Learners Who Are Blind in the ASL Classroom: Adaptations and Strategies

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September 28, 2020 to


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American Sign Language (ASL) is currently the third most frequently chosen foreign language option on American college campuses after Spanish and French. With between one hundred and two hundred thousand enrollees every year, ASL has replaced German as the number three option. What considerations should be taken into account if a student who is blind wants to study ASL or major in Deaf Studies? This session, presented by Bradley Blair, discusses adaptations and strategies for supporting the prospective student with blindness whether they study ASL at the high school or college level. The characteristics of ASL are discussed, along with strategies for conveying this information successfully to the student. Hopefully, more students who are blind will consider ASL as a feasible foreign language option when they understand that it can be done with success.

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