Accommodations Manager

Basic Information

Date posted: 05/04/2021

Location: Seattle, Washington

Posted by: The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Salary: Mid to high $60,000s; there may be some flexibility for the right candidate

Contact Information


2501 S. Plum Street
Seattle, WA 98144



More Details


Comprehensive knowledge of Windows applications, including MS Office suite and Internet Explorer. Knowledge of alternative browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Comprehensive knowledge of adaptive software for blind and low vision users, such as Zoomtext, Fusion, NVDA, and Jaws

Knowledge of an array of adaptive technology hardware including but not limited to: refreshable braille displays, CCTV, talking book readers and services, OCR software, braille/qwerty note takers, electronic wayfinding devices, etc.

Knowledge of mobile operating systems with an emphasis in accessibility features in mobile devices (iOS, Android)

Ability to problem solve quickly and effectively

Demonstrated effectiveness in advocacy for accessibility issues

Ability to take initiative, function autonomously, and be dependable, while working in close coordination with program staff, supervisor, and other Lighthouse staff

Kind, courteous, and professional demeanor at all times

Excellent interpersonal communication skills, including preparing written materials, teaching materials, email, as well as in in-person communication, both one on one and in group settings

Ability to communicate effectively and enthusiastically about the programs and services offered by the Lighthouse

Ability to manage multiple high priority projects with competing deadlines

Demonstrated excellent organizational skills

Job Description

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. is a successful manufacturing social enterprise, with over 60 years of experience in precision machining, that is committed to making jobs accessible to individuals who are blind. Our manufacturing operations center on producing an array of machined parts and plastic injection molding for various aerospace manufacturers, as well as a host of office products and hydration equipment sold to the Federal Government under the AbilityOne Program. The Lighthouse offers Contract Management Support closeout services for commercial, federal, and military customers. We also run a Contact Center, which places and receives inbound and outbound calls for a large span of assorted clients. Lastly, we operate eight AbilityOne Base Supply Centers (BSCs) up and down the west coast that offer easy customer access to Lighthouse products, direct feedback and communication with customers, and employment opportunities for individuals who are blind in geographic areas not served by larger nonprofit agencies.

If you are interested in being a part of a dynamic and engaged social enterprise that values: Accessibility, Accountability, Communication, Community, Confidentiality, Respect, Safety, Teamwork, Training, and Upward Mobility, you are encouraged to apply for the below position. 


This position ensures that employees and service recipients have the accessible equipment, tools, technology, and software, to fully participate in work activities, classes, and program services. It provides solutions to make physical environments accessible. It is responsible for maintaining a plan of continuous improvement for digital and physical environment accessibility.

This position is responsible to implement, track, evaluate, and oversee accommodation and accessibility requests for individuals with visual and hearing impairments, in accordance with Lighthouse policies, industry best practices, and legal accessibility requirements.


  • Review individual requests for accommodation related to vision or hearing and facilitate necessary accommodation
  • Review organizational accessibility needs and partner with internal stakeholders (Facilities, Operations, IT, etc.) to research and develop org-wide recommendations regarding accessibility and necessary accommodations, including involving Rehab Engineers, O&M Dept, ADA Centers and other professionals in the field when appropriate.
  • Develop and implement written accessibility standards for all LH facilities as needed
  • Update and implement written Accommodations process at all LH locations
  • Partner with and support O&M staff regarding accommodation issues related to mobility and safe travel
  • Supervise, provide support to, and evaluate the work product of the Braille Production Specialist, and any other direct reports
  • Consult and act as a resource to other management and staff members in setup of accessible sites, departments, and individual jobs
  • Develop program goals and outcome measures in partnership with Director of Accommodation& Innovation
  • Develop and monitor Accessibility budget in partnership with Director of Accommodation & Innovation
  • Coordinate and/or conduct accessibility evaluations for employees
  • Develop and provide training for supervisors and managers about accessible environments and accommodations procedure
  • Schedule, plan, and deliver training for Board members and external stakeholders (ex. Microsoft) as requested
  • Work cooperatively with other departments (ex. IT, Operations, and Facilities)
  • Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with community agencies and services
  • Participate in Management Team meetings and activities
  • Represent the Lighthouse in a positive and professional manner at all times
  • Travel to other Lighthouse locations to implement and ensure access at each location
  • Perform other duties as assigned.