Braille Transcription Manager

Basic Information

Date posted: 07/16/2022

Location: Bushnell, Florida

Posted by: PRIDE Enterprises

Salary: $50,000-$57,000, dependent on experience

Contact Information


1208 Wishing Well Way
Tampa, FL 33619



More Details


Candidate must be able to pass a Level II background check and drug screen, have an associate (AA) degree or higher, and at least three (3) years of experience in performing braille transcription, preferably in a correctional setting. Experience in performing braille transcription and textbook production in a public or private organization is desirable. Candidate should have excellent, verbal, written and electronic communication skills, as well as basic math skills. Candidate must have Literary Braille Transcription in Unified English Braille (UEB) or a Letter of Proficiency in UEB, and Literary Braille Proofreading Certification (if Proofreading Certification is not earned, Manager will have one year from date of hire to earn). Certification in one or more of the following is also desirable: Braille Formats, CNIB Letter of Proficiency for UEB Technical, Music Braille Transcribing, Mathematics Transcription (Nemeth), and/or Mathematics Braille Proofreading (Nemeth).

Job Description

The Braille Transcription Manager is responsible for all training and production for the Braille Transcription program, which includes the following:

  1. Oversees inmate workers in a braille transcription training program and manages the training program under direction of the Mission Programs/PIE Director.
  2. Consults with the Director to prepare accessible instructional materials for students / offenders.
  3. Oversees the testing of inmate workers in braille transcription training and manages their progress through the various stages of training.
  4. Manages the production operations of the braille program under direction of the Director.
  5. Directs production assignments requiring conversion of print to braille including the use of NIMAS files; takes projects from earliest stage to completion; provides direction for production of braille and tactile graphics.
  6. Oversees the preparation and transcription of print materials, including textbooks and other educational materials into braille and tactile graphics.
  7. Inspects, verifies, and approves the quality of the work produced by the braille inmate workers.
  8. Directs the embossing, edits, and binding of completed braille materials.
  9. Oversees the creation of tactile graphics of maps, charts, pictures, routes, or other tactile displays using various tools, materials, and machines.
  10. Maintains all braille and other related instructional
  11. Maintains inventory of equipment and materials utilized by the braille transcription program.
  12. Distributes equipment and materials utilized by the braille transcription program.
  13. Directs the proofreading of all braille documents for format and content.
  14. Responsible for dispensary actions and termination of inmate workers in the program.
  15. Maintains attendance records of inmate
  16. Work with FDC personnel to ensure compliance with institution rules and regulations.
  17. Maintains and organizes a variety of files, records, including a record of completed work.
  18. Sees that completed work is registered on APH’s Louis
  19. Prepares purchase
  20. Oversees shipment of completed braille materials to
  21. Maintains production tracking
  22. Perform other related duties as assigned.