Director of Statewide Services

Basic Information

Date posted: 08/31/2021

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Posted by: Maryland School for the Blind

Salary: MSB Scale: Grade 11.0

Contact Information


3501 Taylor Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21236


410-444-5000 x1718

More Details


  1. Master’s Degree in education or related field required. TVI or O&M Specialist certified preferred.
  2. Minimum of 5 years direct teaching or related service experience required.
  3. Minimum of 5 years progressive supervisory/management experience required.
  4. Certification and licensure in one of the professional disciplines represented in the school’s outreach services.
  5. Comprehensive knowledge of special education of students who are blind and visually impaired, the core and the expanded core curriculum, assistive technology and adaptive learning materials including the consultative model for the education of students with visual disabilities.
  6. Comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws affecting services to children with disabilities.
  7. General knowledge of and/or experience in personnel and program supervision.

Job Description

SUMMARY:   Coordinates and manages education related programs and services that are provided to support students  who are blind and visually impaired placed in their local school systems to include information and referral services, diagnostic and prescriptive services, development and provision of educational materials and direct contractual services.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides leadership and supervision of statewide outreach services and the instructional resource center.
  2. Conducts statewide needs assessments to determine the support requirements for successfully educating students who are blind and visually impaired within local public school systems.
  3. Develops and evaluates outreach services to meet identified needs of students who are blind and visually impaired based on the needs assessment.
  4. Designs and implements summer and weekend programs for local school system and MSB students with particular focus on expanded core curriculum topics and other priority needs.
  5. Supervises the admissions application process for students to be enrolled at The Maryland School for the Blind.
  6. Coordinates, supervises, trains and evaluates personnel assigned directly or indirectly to the outreach program.
  7. Develops a cost efficient annual budget to meet identified program needs.
  8. Manages specific service contracts with local school systems and The Maryland State Department of Education.
  9. Develops strategies to enhance outreach services and the IRC.
  10. Serves on the MSB senior leadership team.
  11. Participation in the State Steering Committee on visually impaired students. Representative liaison with the Maryland State Department of Education.
  12. Assumes special projects as assigned.

Work Schedule:  37 1/2 daytime hours, Monday through Friday.  This position follows the standard 12-month school schedule.  Additional hours and flexible weekly scheduling will be required.