Paid Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Internship

Basic Information

Date posted: 01/25/2019

Location: Statewide,

Posted by: Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Salary: $37,986.00 - $57,233.00 Annually; $19.42 per hour with full Commonwealth Benefits, 37.5-hour work week

Contact Information


1521 N 6th St
Harrisburg, PA 17102



More Details


Current enrollment in the final semester of an accredited college or university bachelor’s or master’s degree or certificate program in rehabilitation teaching, vision rehabilitation therapy, teacher of the visually impaired, or education with a concentration in visual impairment.

Job Description

Work involves participating in a highly structured internship involving formal and on-the-job training designed to provide practical work experience in rehabilitation therapy for blind or visually impaired children and adults. The internship enables employees to acquire working skills; knowledge of federal law and regulations and state policy and procedures; and experience in teaching adaptive and coping skills to person who are blind or visually impaired

For more information, contact: Hattie McCarter, PA OVR Recruitment Specialist, [email protected] or 717-787-2521