Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments

Basic Information

Date posted: 09/27/2021

Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire

Posted by: Strafford Learning Center

Salary: Based on experience - full benefits

Contact Information


317 Main Street
Somersworth, NH 03878



More Details


Certified or certifiable by the state of NH
Experience preferred but mentoring and supervision available.

Job Description

  • Maintain student and staff confidentiality
  • Perform functional vision and learning media assessments on new referrals and three-year reevaluations.
  • Interpret eye medical reports as they relate to educational environments
  • Write reports required in the delivery of services
  • Contribute to the development of the IEP with goals, modifications, and learning styles
  • Recommend appropriate specialized evaluations, as needed, such as low vision, orientation and mobility, psycho-social and adaptive physical education
  • Consult with diagnosticians, classroom teachers, students, and parents concerning appropriate evaluations, modification, and test administration
  • Participate In team assessments for students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities with visual Impairments
  • Assist in determining and procuring classroom equipment and materials necessary for thE student with visual Impairments to learn (braller, low vision devices, assistive technology, computer), including ensuring necessary room modifications and lighting changes
  • Provide the classroom teacher with Information regarding the specialized strategies need, to teach a visually impaired student
  • Consult with other Instructional staff to provide Information to incorporate the expanded core curriculum into the entire Instructional setting
  • Provide modified materials to the classroom teacher and other team members, as appropriate
  • Provide Braille, recorded/enlarged materials, and tactual symbols, as appropriate, for each child
  • Monitor the students’ progress in academic subjects and provide instruction in compensatory skills, as needed, In the areas the students may have difficulty with as a result of the visual Impairment
  • Provide the teachers, staff, and family of students with visual impairment with Information regarding their Individual needs, methodology, and strategies through In-service training and/or informal meetings
  • Participate in transition planning
  • Maintain personal vehicle, valid drivers license, and liability insurance required for work­related travel; or the ability to travel between sites
  • Carry out other duties as requested by Program Director and/or Executive Director