Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Basic Information

Date posted: 01/14/2019

Location: Pittsburgh, PA (USA)

Posted by: Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh (BVRS)


Contact Information


1816 Locust St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219



More Details


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, Occupational Therapy or related field required.
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Experience working with people who are vision impaired, blind, or who have other disabilities.
  • Excellent communication and written skills.
  • Must be able to lift 10 pounds.
  • Child Abuse, Criminal History, and FBI are required upon employment.

Job Description

BVRS is hiring a full-time Vision Rehabilitation Therapist for our residential training program.

Summary of Position:

Evaluate and provide instruction in one or more of the following areas to adults who are blind or vision impaired: activities of daily living, communications skills, household arts skills, sensory training, leisure time instruction, household mechanics, keyboarding, handwriting, audio device instruction, spoken communications, introduction to computers, kinesiatrics, Braille, labeling skills, and pre-cane mobility skills.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify the specific needs of clients and their desired outcomes.
  • Develop instructional strategies to help clients reached their desired outcomes
  • Monitor progress of each client and through checklists and reports show accomplishments or needed work of measurable functional outcomes.
  • Maintain well documented records and data.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled conferences with client and funding source to update and discuss progression of training.