Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Basic Information

Date posted: 04/17/2023

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Posted by: Lighthouse Louisiana

Salary: Based On Experience

Contact Information


123 State Street
New Orleans, LA 70118


504-899-4501 x270

More Details


  1. Education: Degree and dual certification as a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Assistive Technology Instruction Specialist. Progress toward certification may be considered.
  2. Special Knowledge/Skills: Expert knowledge of adaptive strategies for people with varying degrees of vision loss; Proficiency to teach braille; Excellent computer skills to include expert knowledge of all versions of Microsoft Windows and Office products; Working knowledge of both Apple and Android products and accessibility features; Current working knowledge of Assistive hardware, software, and assistive devices for the blind; Effective teaching skills with ability to assess and adjust training to optimize progress; Strong troubleshooting skills; Excellent oral and written communication skills;  Ability to develop and perform professional presentations.
  3. Experience: Minimum of 350 hours experience instructing people with vision loss on the use of adaptive strategies to enhance ADL/IADL performance. Minimum of 350 hours experience instructing people with vision loss on the use of computer and mobile devices. Experience with proficiency to complete assessments and draft professional reports.

Job Description

At Lighthouse Louisiana, we empower people with disabilities through services, employment, and advocacy. The Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT) is a vital member of the Vision Rehabilitation Services (VRS) team, who creates opportunities through ADL training and technology for people with vision loss inside and outside of the organization. The VRT is a techie with a passion for problem solving and a desire to drive programs to success, assisting people in achieving their dreams for developing new ADL/IADL skills, starting new career paths, or achieving upward mobility.  The Lighthouse VRT embraces new assistive devices and software and is eager to keep up with current trends to support program development. Dual certification as a CVRT and CATIS is required. Candidates on the path to certification may be considered.