Membership Types

Regular Membership: $175/year
Regular level members areĀ individualsĀ in an educational, rehabilitation, and/or professional field working with or on behalf of those who are blind or visually impaired.
International Member: $175 US/year
International level members are individuals living outside of the United States, who work in an educational, rehabilitation, and/or professional field working with or on behalf of those who areĀ blind or visually impaired.
Same Household Residential Members: $148/year
Same Residential Household members are individuals residing in the same household as a current AER Regular member.
Retired Member: $98/year
Retired level AER members are individuals who have reached the age of 65 and are eligible to retire under the current Social Security regulations and are officially retired from their primary professional activities.
Support/Clerical Member: $98/year
Support/Clerical members are individuals working in positions that provide paraprofessional or clerical support.
Student Member: $98/year
A Student level membership is open to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs of higher learning. This member category is available for a maximum of six cumulative years.
Transition Member: $144/year
Transition members are individuals who have completed their education and are newly entering their career. Upon graduation, current student members are eligible for a one-year Transition Member category
Associate Member: $98/year
Associate level members are non-voting members, eligible to anyone who isĀ not employedĀ in the field, such as a parent or caregiver; or is someone preparing for employment in the field but does not qualify for a student membership.
Corporate Member: $605-$755/year
A Corporate level member is a non-voting membership category for companies, state/provincial agencies, school systems, non-profit agencies, and other entities that serve those who are blind and visually impaired, provide products or services; and support the mission of AER.