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New sessions sponsored by the AER NVI Division and the O&M Division will be announced. More details are coming!

Previous Sessions:

12/11/2019, 7:30pm Eastern
Session: The Changing Roles of the VRT
A current understanding of the VRT position will be explored through the results of the 2017 Roles and Functions of VRTs Survey Data. Demographics of survey participants, frequency that specific VRT job tasks are performed, and factor components are reported. Comparisons to 1989 data will also be made to examine how job roles have changed over the last quarter century.

Presenter: Elyse Connors, Ph.D

12/12/2019, 8:00pm – 9:15pm Eastern
Session: It is More than a Daily Schedule: Calendar Systems for Students with DeafBlindness
The term “calendar system” typically brings to mind a device: a dayrunner, a wall calendar, a van Dijk calendar box. A device or timepiece is an important part of any calendar. This session will cover the key components for representing time all devices should reflect regardless of the timeframe (daily, weekly etc). This session will also cover the use of a calendar system to provide emotional support and to teach important time concepts and vocabulary.

Presenter: Robbie Blaha, Texas DeafBlind Project Consultant, TSBVI

12/13/2019, 12-1pm Eastern
Session: Blind Coding Academies: Overcoming Accessibility Barriers
Prepare blind students to overcome or mitigate barriers faced in mainstream coding classes. Barriers include inaccessible text editors and classroom materials, “cultural” or attitudinal resistance, and a variety of performance issues. Teach students how to mitigate or work around these barriers; acquire introductory coding experience; and hone related social and career-related skills. At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and differentiate concepts of computer programming (coding);
  • Understand and recognize barriers to success faced by persons who are unable to see the computer screen;
  • Identify options for working around or overcoming some of the barriers that can prevent blind coding students from succeeding in mainstream coding classes.

Presenter: Tony Candela, Immediate Past Chair, Division 2


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