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4/17/2020, 12-1pm Eastern
Session: Understanding Customized Employment

This session will present an overview of customized employment, it’s advantages and impact for clients with blindness or low vision and additional disabilities. The presenter will provide background and context regarding customized employment, discuss its implementation in his agency, and advantages and challenges as they apply to clients. Many people with disabilities and co-occurring disorders want to work, but find typical job search processes (identifying open positions, completing job applications, interviewing) ineffective and frustrating. These more traditional, labor market approaches, are very competitive and often put people with disabilities and co-occurring disorders, particularly those with more significant limitations, in direct competition with job seekers with fewer barriers to employment.

Customized Employment provides a set of tools and strategies to circumvent the more traditional job search process and connect job seekers with employers who can benefit from the contributions they offer.

Key items that will be covered during the session will be:

  1. What exactly is Customized Employment?
  2. The difference between Customized Employment and other strategies.
  3. RSB’s journey in our cooperative pilot program.

Presenter: Michael St.Julien M.A.,
Sponsored by the AER Rehabilitation Counseling & Employment Division
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