AER International Orientation & Mobility Conference & Meeting 2017

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The AER International Orientation & Mobility Conference & Meeting 2017 offers an unsurpassed opportunity to learn and network with the best of the best! Achieving excellence in professional growth and service delivery is the aim of this conference. Here you will engage with hundreds of O&M Specialists from around the world, explore critical topics in the field and be a part of conversations that will shape the future of Orientation and Mobility! Mark your calendars today. Click conference-rates to  view the conference registration rates. Registration is now open!

The conference will be held July 19-22, 2017, at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh where the city’s famed three rivers meet in the heart of downtown.

Rick Welsh Memorial Luncheon (Friday, 7/21/2017 12-1:30 pm)

Join your colleagues for this very special luncheon during the AER International Orientation & Mobility Conference & Meeting 2017! The purpose of this luncheon is to honor the memory of Rick Welsh and re-visit his expertise, humor, and impact on our profession. Rick was a mentor to many leaders in the field. He had a commitment to foster the growth of the profession and to provide support to those offering services. Rick is often credited as being the father of AER since he was an officer on the board at the time of the merger between AAWB and AEVH, was instrumental in combining the two organizations, and served as AER’s first president.  Please join us as we honor his memory by coming and sharing your stories about this giant of our field. Register today!

Traditional Sessions, Round Table Discussions, Panel Sessions and Deep Dives Sessions 

The Conference will offer nearly 100 hours of Traditional Sessions, Round Table Discussions, Panel Sessions and Deep Dive Sessions and will include these sessions:

A Case for Student-Created Portfolios in O&M

A Driver’s Perspective of Transporting Persons with Visual Impairments on Public Buses

A Look at Guide Dog Questions and Mobility: Experiences from the Field

A Tactile Surface to Help in Locating Crosswalks and Aligning to Cross

Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and Detectable Warning Surfaces (DWS)

Active Learning Approach to Orientation and Mobility Instruction

Adapting to a Changing Educational and Professional Landscape

AIRA – Visual Interpreter for the Blind

Are You Maximizing the Potential of Your Program and Staff?

Assessing Client Readiness for Guide Dog Mobility and the Guide Dog Lifestyle

Autonomous Vehicles- Implications for Safety, Ethics, Policy and Pedestrians with Visual Impairments

Become a Leader in Adaptive Sports and Recreation

Beyond Your Expertise What’s Your Superpower?

Blind Pedestrians’ Impact on Yielding of Drivers at Street Crossings: What Works?

Blindness and Suicide: You Can Save A Life

Challenges and Strategies of Teaching Students with Disabilities in University Blindfold/Cane Courses

Creating Simple Tactile Maps using a 3D Pen

Efficacy to Teach Individuals who are Blind and VI Self-Defense

Emerging Accessible Indoor Navigation Technologies

Engaging the Family in the O&M Process: Communicate, Educate, Empower

Essential Apps for O&M

Full Sensory Exploration in a Multi-Sensory Environment

Guide Dog Preparedness for Students: How to Know Which Students are Ready

Honoring Innovation Hodgepodge: Spatial Orientation, Risk, and Teaching Strategies

How Do You Celebrate White Cane Day? Awareness and Outreach Activities.

How Technology Can Enhance Spatial Cognition

ID Canes: A Roundtable Discussion on Applications and Practices

Innovative New Tool for Determining Type and Amount of O&M Services

International O&M Certification and COMS Internship Requirements

Learning to Move: Moving to Learn: A Focus on Early Mobility Skills

Learning to Move: Moving to Learn: Early Orientation Development Skills

Making the Leap! – Moving from Direct Service Provider to Leadership Positions.

Moving Forward: Orientation, Mobility, APH and You!

O&M for Life: Orientation and Mobility for Older Individuals with Visual Impairment

O&M for Students Who are Deafblind with Significant Additional Learning Challenges

O&M in a Service Delivery Model for Visually Impaired in Inclusive Environments

O&M Internships that S.O.A.R.

Opportunities for Community Engagement through Adaptive Sports and Recreation

Orientation & Mobility Collaborations with the Adapted Physical Educator

Overcoming Reluctance to Long Cane Use

Overview and Progress Update of New WV Bioptic Driving Program

Pedestrian Enhancements Which Impact Pedestrians Who Are Legally Blind

Physical Therapy and O&M, A Partnership to Optimize and Strengthen Movement

Rehabilitation through 1Touch Self-defense

Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes? Guidebook developed!

Scanning with visual field or acuity loss – Mundane to life-saving skills

Self-Reflection Process of O&M Students on their Teaching: Implications for Personnel Preparation

SENSE-able Ways to Build Tactile Literacy Skills

“STEPping” into Activities with Texas 2 STEPS (Successfully Teaching Early Purposeful Skills)

Student Portfolios and Project Based Learning: Implementing Meaningful O&M and ECC Instruction

Study Results- Lack of Toddler-Safe Mobility Device: An Obstacle to Development

Survey Says! O&M and Technology What Are You Using…

Teaching and Reinforcing the Fundamental Concepts of Orientation & Mobility with BlindSquare

The Missing Link Between O&M and Self Defense for Visually Impaired Persons.

The O&M specialist and Braille: Point-Counterpoint

The Potential Impact of CVI & Associated Hidden disabilities on O&M Skills

The Power of O&M: It Changed My Life

Travel Training Needs Assessment for O&M Specialists (Roundtable Discussion)

Traveling More Independently Using RideShare Services

Using Simulation Software to Teach Students How to Deal with Uncontrolled Crossings

Using the O&M B-6 Inventory to Guide O&M Goals and Lessons

Utilizing Environmental Information – How GPS Navigation Can Complement Traditional O&M Tools.

What is the Transportation Research Board and how does it impact O&M?

What Works for O&M Screenings and Referrals