University Review Program

The AER University Review Program is designed to ensure that colleges and universities across the United States are offering O&M, TVI and VRT personnel preparation programs that meet high quality standards. Personnel preparation programs are reviewed on administrative, faculty, clinical and curricular standards set forth by experts in the field. University and college programs with the “AER Approved” distinction have demonstrated through performance, systems, processes, faculty and procedures that they offer top learning experiences for students; and high quality preparation for jobs and related certifications.

The following program types are eligible for review through the AER University Review Program and are reviewed on the following criteria:

Eligible Programs-

Orientation & Mobility (O&M)
Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI)
Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)


Core Standards
O&M Curricular Standards
TVI Curricula Standards
VRT Curricular Standards

AER URC Module One for Panel Reviewers
AER URC Module Two for Panel Reviewers
AER URC Module Three for Panel Reviewers

Appendix A – Application Packet

To learn more about the AER University Review Program, please contact Angela Smith via email at [email protected].

View list of AER-approved university programs.