The New RE:view

The New RE:view logo.

The words "The New" are in white text, while the letters "RE" are capitalized in black text. There is a colon, and then the word "view" is inside of a magnifier. Underneath the magnifier states "A Journal of Practice."

The Mystery of 2-22-22 is solved!

AER is excited to announce plans for a new journal that is designed especially for practitioners who work with children and adults who are visually impaired. This journal, which will be an AER membership benefit, will publish a variety of practical features written by and for those who work directly with people with visual impairments. The title of the new journal, “The New RE:view – A Journal of Practice,” originated from AER’s earlier publication, RE:view, which was discontinued in 2008.

We encourage you to consider submitting articles about successful and innovative approaches to new learning. We anticipate publication of the inaugural issue in July 2022.

The following articles provide information about The New RE:view (TNR). Visit this web page often to follow news about TNR and to learn how you can participate as an author or a peer reviewer and as a reader.