AER Presents Ferrell Scholarships to Individuals Studying to Become Vision Professionals

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AER presented William and Dorothy Ferrell Scholarships in 2016 to two outstanding individuals who are pursuing careers as vision professionals.

Natalie Martiniello, from Saint-Leonard, Quebec, is working on her Ph.D. in Vision Science (Vision Rehabilitation) at the University of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec.

In her application, she said, “I have chosen to pursue doctoral studies because, in the long-term, I hope to engage in further research that explores new methods and instructional strategies. I also hope to teach within a university program that prepares future rehabilitation professionals. As a clinician who is congenitally blind, I feel (and hope) that my first-hand experience and perspective will be of benefit to future professionals.”

Scott Lacey is working on his Masters in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy and Rehabilitation Counseling at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

He said in his application that he plans to work with adults and possibly elderly adults. “I have chosen this field because I have always wanted to be in a helping capacity for a professional career. I have a real passion to let individuals receive the type of training that I received when I lost my vision to pursue whatever their goals may be. Specifically, I am doing the VRT program because I like the hands-on aspect of teaching others a new skill or adaptation to something they already know. I am pursuing my Masters in RC because I also like the case management and psychological support that I will be able to provide.”

AER provides two Ferrell $1,000 scholarships every other year to students who are legally blind and who are planning for careers as vision professionals. The next scholarships will be presented in 2018.